Tomoyuki Abe is the pastor of FCC. After working in the field of social welfare for the city of Yokohama, he attended Evangelical Theological Seminary in Myerstown, Pennsylvania (Master of Divinity with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy, 2005-09). In August 2010, he was ordained as a deacon’s pastor in the Evangelical Congregational Church of Japan.
In his free time Tomoyuki enjoys reading and doing sports, such as basketball and indoors rock climbing.

Jessica Abe was born and raised in France. After studying business in Paris, she went to Evangelical Theological Seminary (M. A. in Religion with a focus on the Old Testament, 2007-09). In August 2010, she was ordained as a licentiate (dendoushi) in the Evangelical Congregational Church of Japan.
Besides studying Japanese, Jessica likes to read, cook and play ping-pong.

Tomoyuki and Jessica are married and live in Sagamihara.

A recently planted church, FCC does not have its own board of deacons yet, but is under the authority of the deacons of its mother church, Sagamihara Grace Chapel.
Grace Chapel’s pastor, Rev. Nobuo Abe is also a regular preacher at FCC.