About us

Welcome to Fuchinobe Community Church online!
We hope these pages  will  help you know us better, and we  look forward to welcoming you face to face! 

Who are we? We are a Christian Protestant church — people joining together to walk together as followers of Jesus Christ and live out the teachings of the Bible. You can read our statement of faith here. FCC is affiliated with the Evangelical Congregational Church.

At FCC, it is our desire to be an open place where people build deeper relationships with God and one another. You do not need to be a Christian to participate in the activities. Whether you are just a little curious about the Christian faith or you want to grow as a disciple of Christ, you will always be welcome at FCC.

As we believe that God’s grace makes a life-changing difference in our hearts, homes and society, it is also FCC’s vision to go out into the local community and share the love and Good News of Jesus Christ with words and actions.

FCC started in May 2010 as the “daughter church” of Sagamihara Grace Chapel. Even though it is small, you will find people from a variety of backgrounds – younger, older, Japanese, international… There is probably someone you can relate to, so why not come and fellowship with us?